Delphi Resize & Drawing Problems with x64 Windows


for all of you who discovered some resizing and or drawing bugs with Delphi under x64 Operating Systems have a look at the post in Jordan Russell’s Forum.

The bug is related to a stack overflow condition in the Windows kernel arising when a WH_CALLWNDPROC hook is installed. Regarding to Jordan’s post this reduces the time SendMessage() can be called recursively.

The good news: Andreas Hausladen has also published a fix for this issue.

This fixes not only problems with Jordan’s Tb2k but also Robert Lee’s SpTBXLib under x64 Vista as posted in jrsoftware.toolbar2000.thirdparty newsgroup on July, 23rd 2008.

Using the patch is as easy as adding a single unit to your project’s .dpr file:


Thanks Andreas for providing the fix and Robert Lee for pointing to it!


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