Where to get the current Indy version?


UPDATE – Please see this newer post about SVN access – UPDATE

as many users are asking again and again I’ll show you where to find the current Indy versions. Generally you have two choices:

Download using SVN or get your copy from Fulgan’s mirror.

The official download documentation is here. But I don’t know how long the page will stay at this location as we are going to change some things on the Indy website in future.

You can access the Indy SVN through your Browser or with any subversion client. Two of them I can recommend are SmartSVN or TortoiseSVN.

Use the following properties to access our SVN server:

Repository URL: svn://svn.atozed.com/indy/indy10

User: indy
Password: indy

That account will give you read-only access.

Note: The “trunk” folder has the current version. “branches” and “tags” are for advanced usage only.

UPDATE – Please see this newer post about SVN access – UPDATE

Mirror: Fulgan.com (Switzerland)
This mirror can be accessed on via anonymous FTP or HTTP. It is updated daily at 03:00 CET (GMT + 1).

Edit (Oct, 2nd 2008): Fulgan’s Mirror provides the current Trunk and SVN (both as .zip files). As always what you get is work in progress, so if you’re running into troubles try to update the downloaded version. Changelog is available in SVN or the Mirror’s root directory.


5 thoughts on “Where to get the current Indy version?

  1. Since Indy is now tightly integrated with the Delphi install – what’s the proper upgrade mechanism to the latest version? (How to properly remove Indy 10 from the existing Delphi install to then re-install the new version?)

    • Hi Darian,

      this depends on the (Delphi) version you are using and the operating system installed. I am currently considering writing a small tutorial for it – I will send you an email within the next two days.

      Best regards

  2. Hi FX,

    I agree. You are not the first one asking for something like that 🙂 I will publish it on my blog when I’m ready – currently I am very busy at work.


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