OpenSSL v0.9.8j for Indy


yesterday a new version of the OpenSSL libraries has been published. I have just created precompiled DLLs for use with Indy again which are now available.

You can download the libraries from Fulgan’s Mirror.


2 thoughts on “OpenSSL v0.9.8j for Indy

  1. Hi Arvid,

    Do we need the latest version of Indy 10, or no special version is required to support the new SSL DLLs ?

    Thanks for your work !

  2. Hi Adrien,

    you’re welcome!

    using the latest libraries requires Indy 10.2.3+. The version shipping with D2009 supports those dlls out-of-the-box while older Indy versions (like those shipped with D7-D2006) require an update.

    The update is needed because many things in the OpenSSL libaries have changed, like dropped support for DES and renaming of some functions. Older Indy OpenSSL dlls (the Intellicom one’s) had some forwarding functions which are no longer used and needed.

    As older Indy versions try to use those wrapper functions inside the new dlls they will not work.

    Drop a mail if you need further assistance.

    Cheers Arvid

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