Indy SVN Access


we recently had a change to the Indy SVN server.

New locations are:

The public user is now:
Username: Indy-Public-RO
(No password)

Note: The server uses a self-signed SSL certificate. Please trust it as it is needed to get access to the svn.

The usage of the svn moniker (svn://) is not supported anymore but the new server provides both SVN client and web access.

Please use your svn client’s relocation feature in order to move to the new location.

As always the current development is done in the Tiburon Branch (which will be merged at some later stage).

The official Fulgan Mirror is already updated to provide new daily snapshots again. For download instructions related to the mirror read the text at the bottom of this post:

Sorry for inconvenience, but the new setup allows easier maintenance.



5 thoughts on “Indy SVN Access

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  2. @Rich
    Despite the fact that I like Google Code too, this decision is not up to me. I will suggest it again where appropriate.

    @David Moorhouse
    Working fine here with the links given and FF 3.5, have you accepted the SSL certificate?

    @Donald Shimoda
    This blog post is solely about the SVN server which had been moved. The SVN content is the same as it was the day before. As I am not using FPC/Lazarus on my own I cannot comment on the current FPC support. But: As far as I know JP Mugaas did a lot to support FPC, this should be in the Tiburon Branch too.


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