OpenSSL v1.0.0 for Indy


after one year of beta testing, the OpenSSL team published the final 1.0 version yesterday. As of today you can download a precompiled version of the OpenSSL libaries from our official Indy Mirror (The Fulgan Mirror).

Direct Link:

As always: You’ll find a ReadMe, License Information and File Hashes inside the zip archive. This version is including important bug and security fixes, using it is strongly recommended.

Note: This version needs the very latest Indy SVN (Revision #4168 and newer). This is due to changes in OpenSSL (i.e. removing deprecated MD2 by default).

I would like to thank my previous readers, especially Salvor for pointing out a different way in building the libraries without the need for the MS VC++ Runtime DLLs while being able to use the latest VC++ compilers.

This release is built using MS VC++ 2008 and the Network Wide Assembler (NASM) instead of Mingw/gcc which allows us to create smaller DLLs and faster code now (sadly the VC++ 2010 build chain is still broken for OpenSSL 1.0).