Random News #1


beside my post about OpenSSL updates, there has been no or little time to update this blog in the past month. There are some interesting OpenSource projects I had been involved.

Regarding my voluntary work with the Indy Project I am glad to announce that I was invited to join the Indy Mercury Team: Since Nov 2009 I am now part of Indy’s so called steering committee too (next to the Core Team where the development takes place).

In Addition my company became a Intel Software Partner and an Embarcadero Technology Partner.

Last but not least I had been working on other OpenSource projects too:

Now, in the next weeks I am going to blog especially about:

  • Some backports of UI behaviour for older Delphi Versions (like native Cursors and Hints/Tooltips)
  • Some tricky bugs I chased in Indy (topics will cover Winsock EADDRINUSE, IPv6 and Nagle)
  • A patch I committed for dxgettext: changing embedded translations behaviour from absolute file offsets to relative positions which allows using i.e. EXE compressors like UPX while still being able to attach embedded translations
  • A fork of David Polberger’s (and JEDI’s) JvLinkLabel I am currently creating
  • Probably the upcoming Delphi Tage 2010 in Berlin, Germany (national Delphi Days)

So stay tuned, more to come!


Edited 04/24/2010 (Typos)