Random News #1


beside my post about OpenSSL updates, there has been no or little time to update this blog in the past month. There are some interesting OpenSource projects I had been involved.

Regarding my voluntary work with the Indy Project I am glad to announce that I was invited to join the Indy Mercury Team: Since Nov 2009 I am now part of Indy’s so called steering committee too (next to the Core Team where the development takes place).

In Addition my company became a Intel Software Partner and an Embarcadero Technology Partner.

Last but not least I had been working on other OpenSource projects too:

Now, in the next weeks I am going to blog especially about:

  • Some backports of UI behaviour for older Delphi Versions (like native Cursors and Hints/Tooltips)
  • Some tricky bugs I chased in Indy (topics will cover Winsock EADDRINUSE, IPv6 and Nagle)
  • A patch I committed for dxgettext: changing embedded translations behaviour from absolute file offsets to relative positions which allows using i.e. EXE compressors like UPX while still being able to attach embedded translations
  • A fork of David Polberger’s (and JEDI’s) JvLinkLabel I am currently creating
  • Probably the upcoming Delphi Tage 2010 in Berlin, Germany (national Delphi Days)

So stay tuned, more to come!


Edited 04/24/2010 (Typos)


6 thoughts on “Random News #1

  1. > THtmlViewer
    Why haven’t you told me that 1 1/2 years before. I would have saved the time porting it to Delphi 2009, fixing bugs and improving the performance of it dramatically. Unfortunately those 3 things happened in one commit, so I can’t find out what I did.

  2. @Andreas Hausladen

    Hello Andreas,

    ups, that’s too bad – but shows the Delphi Community problem again. No or very little coordination and talks. Iirc I have you as contact in Skype listed but guess you never confirmed the contact, didn’t you? (or you are always shown as offline)

    I would love to see you added to the project members of THtmlViewer if you like, so if you see any issues with the source (and there are some), you can commit your fixes and changes directly.


  3. @Andreas any chances by sharing this improved THtmlViewer version?

    What I would really like to see is an “append” method which will allow add some content to the html page without need of reloading…

    Anyone had tried to do this?


  4. Any chances that the dxGetText Project will release newer files?

    The gnu tools are really old.
    I replaced them with the tools coming with poedit.

  5. @Andreas

    Hi Andreas,

    not as far as I know – that’s up to the project managers.

    I just worked at the embedded translation part (gnugettext.pas, assemble and ggassemble). There might be incompatibilities regarding the platform support with newer gnu tools (msgmerge etc), so it would be best to ask that question directly in the dxgettext user forum (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/dxgettext/).


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