OpenSSL v0.9.8o and v1.0.0a for Indy


updated OpenSSL Versions available in the flavor of your choice 😉

As of today you can download precompiled versions of the newest OpenSSL libaries from our official Indy Mirror (The Fulgan Mirror).

As the OpenSSL team has published an update for the old 0.9.8 branch, we supply them too:

Direct Links:

As always: You’ll find a ReadMe, License Information and File Hashes inside the zip archive. This version is including important bug and security fixes, using it is strongly recommended.

Note: This version needs the very latest Indy SVN (Revision #4168 and newer). This is due to changes in OpenSSL (i.e. removing deprecated MD2 by default).

As before the libraries have no noteworthy dependencies except for the Win64 versions which require the VC++ 2008 runtime libraries.