Indy SVN Merge


the Indy Tiburon Branch code has been merged into our SVN trunk. Remy Lebeau (TeamB) did a great job, and he previously wrote about in the Embarcadero Forum and in the Atozed Forum.

What does this mean for you?
If you are using an SVN client please update your location not to sync with the Tiburon Branch anymore, instead please use the trunk now.

If you are downloading from our Fulgan Mirror, please download the file named “”. “xxxx” is the nightly revision number, e.g. 4461 as of today. Files named “” or something like that are NOT up-to-date and are likely to be removed within the next days or weeks, so please do not download them anymore.

If you want to get the Indy version shipped e.g. with Delphi XE, just download the tagged version from the SVN.

Does that mean the trunk provides “stable” releases?
Currently, there is nothing like stable releases. The development still continues and we always recommend updating Indy if you run into any troubles, especially with the small errors that made it into the shipping versions in Delphi 2009 (email attachment names lost) or 2010 (ftp binary settings lost).

Naming the file “” does not mean it’s a “stable release” (btw a term highly opened up to a lot of interpretation and space for discussions), it’s just that we managed to merge all the new code since D2009 into our old Indy 10 development trunk.