OpenSSL v0.9.8q and v1.0.0c for Indy


today I am releasing the latest OpenSSL versions for Indy, 0.9.8q and 1.0.0c.

You can download precompiled versions of the new OpenSSL libaries from our official Indy Mirror (The Fulgan Mirror).

Direct Links for the x32 versions:

You’ll find a ReadMe, License Information and File Hashes inside the zip archives. This version is including important bug and security fixes, using it is strongly recommended. The x32 DLLs have no noteworthy dependencies and are ready to use (ready for shipping).

As JP Mugaas mentioned with an earlier release: We include the OpenSSL.exe in the download, too. Please see his comment in the previous release at


P.S.: The 0.9.8 branch is only made available for compatibility reasons, if you have the choice take the newer 1.0 version. Both versions are supported by Indy, so it’s up to you.