Rerelease of OpenSSL v0.9.8r and v1.0.0d for Indy


after some weeks of extensive testing I am now releasing updated versions of the above mentioned OpenSSL DLLs. Those libraries are now tested with Windows 2000 up to Windows 7 (x32 and x64 where available). As usual there are no dependencies to any runtime libraries beside the common Kernel/WinSock2 etc.pp.

As I mentioned in the Important Compatibility Announcement two weeks ago I had made a mistake during the compilation of the last two published OpenSSL versions which led to an incompatibility with Windows 2000 and early XP versions. Check the linked post for a list of affected versions.

The issue is now fixed.

Here are the direct links for the updated release for Win32/64:

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused and I would like to thank Jason Smith again for bringing this issue to my attention and Salvor Hardin for his help!

As Salvor stated in one of his comments using Visual C++ 2008 with an adjusted makefile works (the /MT switch as mentioned in the previous post). We should keep in mind that this way of building the DLLs may not work in future but for now and the next few years it should do the trick. To make it short – @Savlor: You were right!