Precompiled OpenSSL v1.0.0e for Win32/64

Again there’s a new Version of OpenSSL, this time only the 1.0 main branch was affected by a security flaw:

Direct Download
for Win32:
for Win64:

As usual you’ll find the ReadMe, Hashes and the OpenSSL binary inside of the ZIP.



6 thoughts on “Precompiled OpenSSL v1.0.0e for Win32/64

    • that’s ok. It means that the OpenSSL.exe includes a hardcoded path for searching it’s settings. If the settings are not found, OpenSSL uses it’s defaults. So this behavior is normal for the OpenSSL.exe under Windows.

    • No “need” for it anymore, that’s right – but, and that’s a large but, our own DLLs do not need any external libraries.

      If you use slproweb’s you’ll have to install MS VC runtime dlls on the target.

      We still support Win2000 out-of-the-box and we don’t have that requirement.


  1. Hello

    When trying to run the command

    openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -out star_sigge_eu.csr -keyout star_sigge_eu.key -subj “/C=SE/ST=Skane/L=Furulund/ Publishing/CN=*”

    I also get the warnings mentioned above, but no csr or key-file is generated? Have I missed something fundamental in my syntax or is there a bug in the software?

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