Release of OpenSSL v0.9.8t and v1.0.0g

Just a few weeks after the last release the OpenSSL team released important updates to fix issues in both source branches. Again…

Direct links for the updated versions:

The update fixes a possible DTLS DoS attack. This is related to encrypted Datagrams, e.g. encrypted VoIP or Audio/Video Streams (and encrypted UDP in general).

– Arvid

P.S.: Update has been on the server for a few days, forget to publish this post. Sorry about.


3 thoughts on “Release of OpenSSL v0.9.8t and v1.0.0g

  1. Where can I get the source of the Indy specific OpenSSL libs? I found it once before, but can’t seem to find this version.


  2. Never mind I think.. I had understood that there were changes for Indy but just noticed no mention of Indy here. So I guess I can just build them myself from the source.

    • Brenden –

      Yes, you can build them directly from the sources from
      That’s what I do, too.

      Just that we pay attention which c/asm compiler is used to provide best support for all platforms (i.e. Win 2000+) without any dependencies in contrast to the famous SlProWeb OpenSSL dlls.

      Special Indy adjustments are not needed anymore, that’s valid since Indy 10.5.5 (= Delphi 2009) and newer.


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