OpenSSL 1.0.1s and 1.0.2g

OpenSSL updates for 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

Again this post is a little late but the updates on the Fulgan Mirror are not 😉

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Recommended Version (1.0.2g) highlighted.

End of Lifetime notice
0.9.8 branch support already ceased.
Support for the 1.0.1 branch will cease on 12/31/2016, too. Users of the 1.0.1 branch are advised to upgrade within this period.

See the official OpenSSL Release Strategy.

For those interested in the Link Libs and Definitions have a look at the new directory on the mirror where you find the files created while building the above libraries:

IMPORTANT EDIT: See comments, Indy has problems loading the new libraries. I am going to inform the team, an Indy Update is likely going to be necessary. The libraries as is are working correctly. Hopefully they can help out in the mean time to fix this. As I am out of town my own Delphi tests will delay until the end of next week 😦 If urgently needed (as high security risks have been fixed), consider switching to SLProWeb OpenSSL releases in the meantime (but I can’t tell if they fail, too. And they require VC++ runtime DLLs, see their website)!

Turned out that this User didn’t update his Indy installation:

Important Note from the Indy Team
Our team member Remy LeBeau told me yesterday that if you use these libraries with Indy / Delphi, you must use one of the more recent Indy Versions, otherwise loading will fail with “EIdOSSLCouldNotLoadSSLLibrary”. Thanks Remy for clarification! All Versions after September 2015 should work. The current Indy Version is Versions like e.g. will fail. This is due to some changes in the OpenSSL headers which were required: SSLv2 is deprecated in the OpenSSL libraries now and old Indy Versions check if these functions exist. See: