About & Donations

This is the blog of Frederik Winkelsdorf, the spare time maintainer of the Indy OpenSSL libraries and the Delphi Encryption Compendium (both OpenSource projects related to Delphi from Embarcadero). I am a registered Embarcadero Technology Partner.

For more details about me see my about.me page. Especially if you have project inquiries 😉

As a professional software developer you all know about the costs for hardware, software and time..

If you are using my provided OpenSSL libraries or the DEC for your work project or your company, please consider donating!

Without I am unable to support such projects in my (rare) spare time. To be honest, I do not expect any donations from the Delphi Community at all (just my experience).

Anyway, if you want to proof me wrong, feel free to donate any amount using PayPal:

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If wanted any donation above 50,- USD/EUR will be listed in a supporters file with each release / or on this website. Please note that I cannot provide a donation receipt.

OpenSSL Libraries
The OpenSSL libraries provided are built with respect to support a wide range of different Win OS without the need for installing additional MS VC Runtime Libraries. For the Indy team this is a strong benefit over the famous Shining Light Productions (slproweb) libraries.

Each release is hosted on the Indy Team’s Mirror called the ‘Fulgan Mirror’ in Switzerland.

Delphi Encryption Compendium
Some 6 to 8 years ago (as of 2016), I took over the development of the Delphi Encryption Component from Hagen Reddmann. I am trying to provide support for newer Delphi Versions. I will not include any new ciphers or encoding formats, as this is totally out of scope of a spare time project. Sorry about that!

I am working on a new release but due to the lack of spare time I had to hold the development on this project as for now. If you have any inquiries about, especially related to your work or company, please have in mind that support beyond the point of releasing the library can’t be free. Each inquiry takes a lot of time regarding test setup, checking interaction with other development languages or OS and so on.

A note about my releases & Cryptography
As usual please respect a) the OpenSource license agreements supplied with each release b) that the releases come without warranty of any kind and c) you have to check your local export/import regulations regarding strong cryptography.